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The Kenya Election Assistance Program (KEAP) is committed to improving women’s political participation in the 2017 electoral process and beyond by bringing attention to violence against women in elections in any of their roles as electoral stakeholders whether in their homes, political arenas or in public spaces.

We can do #BetterThanThis. Be part of the changemakers for Kenya by getting informed, following women candidates in the campaign, connecting to local organizations, and promoting the 1195 Stop Violence Against Women in Elections hotline.

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Stopping VAWIE

A systemic effort must be made to reduce and prevent violence against women during elections.

Violence against women in elections can affect women’s participation in the electoral process as voters, candidates, election officials, activists and political party leaders. 

This therefore threatens the integrity of the electoral process, as well as the commitment of governments to a free, fair and inclusive democratic process.

  • Electoral Security and Women

    True democracy and representative governance requires the meaningful participation of women and men in all spheres of political, economic and social life.

  • VAWIE 101

    Any harm or threat of harm committed against women with the intent and/or impact of interfering with their free and equal participation in the electoral process during the electoral period.

  • VAWIE in Kenya

    Despite efforts to promote the participation of women this election cycle, observers reported an increase in harassment of women especially during party primary campaigns.

  • VAWIE Hotline

    A systemic effort must be made to reduce and prevent violence against women during elections.

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There are plenty of organizations who are raising the profile of women in Kenya when it comes to political participation and advocating for their inclusion.

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Healthcare Assistance Kenya: 

Healthcare Assistance Kenya (HAK) is a humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization that operates the only and the first ever Sexual and Gender Based Violence Rapid Response System and Helpline, 1195. For the 2017 elections, HAK will be monitoring Violence Against Women in Elections, offering tele-counselling services and referring callers to institutions where they can receive further assistance.

International Foundation for Electoral Systems: 

Supported by USAID, the Kenya Electoral Assistance Program (KEAP) actively supports Kenyan efforts to strengthen the credibility of electoral processes and encourage peaceful, inclusive political participation during the 2017 General Elections. KEAP utilizes a dynamic, agile approach and draws upon a nationwide network of grassroots organizations, civil society organizations (CSOs), and community leaders to address the most pressing vulnerabilities of the electoral system in Kenya throughout the full electoral cycle of the 2017 General Elections.

National Democratic Institute: 

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) works with political parties, women candidates, election observation groups, and youth. Ahead of the 2017 elections, NDI has been conducting research on citizen issues, building the capacity of political parties to address constituent concerns and working with devolved county branches to strengthen women and youth leaders’ ability to run for office.

Tuvuke Initiative: 

TUVUKE Initiative seeks to promote the participation of women and youth in electoral processes and ensuring responsible media practices. For the 2017 elections, Tuvuke has been profiling female aspirants/candidates running for various political offices across ethnic and political party lines in the country.


Community Advocacy and Awareness (CRAWN) Trust is a non-profit, multidisciplinary organization that specializes in advocacy, networking, empowerment, training, research, consulting and sustainable development approaches.  CRAWN has done commendable work in the area of equity, equality and women political participation in line with Kenya’s constitution.

Aga Khan University- Graduate School of Media and Communications:

Technology is revolutionizing economies at every level. At GSMC, media and communication professionals learn to harness its power to collect and analyze information, connect with audiences and tell compelling stories across multiple platforms.  For the 2017 elections, AKU will be engaging technology to monitor conversations in the digital space to be able to map trends on violence against women in elections.

Kenya Women Holding: 

Kenya Women Holding (KWH) is a woman led, women serving development institution and engages in activities that empower, position and advocate for women. Kenya Women Holding has over 400,000 women members across Kenya and provides non-financial services to women entrepreneurs to enable them improve their economic status, their livelihoods and hence the wellness of their families. Kenya Women Holding believes that women are the key engines of change that will create future opportunities for youth and society in scaling innovations and entrepreneurship.